How to Increase Androgen Receptors

Several men experience decreased levels of androgenic hormones when they reach 45 years.  It mean at this age they are dealing with low testosterone and it is not easy to recognize the symptoms.  The good news is that it is possible to deal with the problem by increasing the androgen receptor, view here for more info. 

Weight lifting is one of the recommendable things to do. Exercises that include heavy resistance usually increase the serum total testosterone.  This exercise also normalizes AR and protein expression.  Conversely, You should avoid struggling a lot since this can easily cause metabolic stress leading to a rise in cortisol and decrease androgen receptors, click here to learn more.

Secondly, you need to increase vitamin D.  This is the vitamin we cannot live without because it assists body functioning. Ensure that you find a physician to help you deal with vitamin D issues. Do your best to have sufficient vitamin D because its deficiency results to reduced androgen in the blood, discover more here. 

Ensure that you take more protein.  More proteins increases the available androgen receptors.  You should eat directly after work out because there is an assurance that your muscle protein synthesis is top at this time.  Protein assists in decreasing sex hormone which binds the globulin so you must realize the increase in testosterone after taking this idea seriously.

You have to supplement with L-Carnitine.  The carnitine is available in foods such as fish and meat. Carnitine helps in taking fats to mitochondria that forms energy for the body.  This increase the androgen receptor activity in the cells.  You are supposed to take one or two grams of this supplement every day. 

Do not forget to sleep more. Many people do not sleep enough and this mostly cause androgen receptor blockage and unbalanced hormones.  Fasting for short time is necessary and the right time to do this is when you sleep since this boosts the androgen sensitivity.  Your body gets time for detoxification. 

Besides, you are supposed to reduce soy intake.  Soy is believed to have isoflavones and they have effects on the body and that will get to reduce the testosterone and in return increase the estrogen in the bloodstream.  Because the companies that are manufacturing soy are many and since the soy brands are numerous you are supposed to research and get more details, view here!

You should look for SARMs.  You are encouraged that you know the impact of SARMs where you can have androgen receptors increased with ease, check this website.  The use SARMs is effective as you will get to deal with deficiency. This link offers more insights on how to manage this condition. Check it out!

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